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IT Business Model

IT Business Model

Appson Technologies offers multiple  and flexible Business Models keeping the view of diverse need of our global clients.  Organizations can select the model that is most suitable to them, based on various techno-business requirements, financial and logistical considerations.

Time & Material Model
Time & Material model is ideal when the project scope is not well defined and requirement is still evolving. Service provider agrees to provide resources for pre-determined skill sets and specifies a time-based billing rate for each resource type. This engagement model is ideal for continuous product evolution programming, complex large-scale projects, research and consulting assignments, solution design, support and maintenance contracts etc.

Fixed Price Model
The Fixed Price Model is associated with a pre-determined project cost and schedule. It is ideal to project where requirement is well defined .The project scope and costs are agreed upon at the time of signing the contract and the execution of the project is done in accordance with this. The project costs is closely linked to well-defined project deliverables which are typically tied to various payment milestones. Organized & Negotiating tasks beforehand, based on a set price and, results in delivering well-documented projects.

IT Staff Augmentation
IT staff augmentation allows a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. Resources are employed by the staff augmentation firm , however they work under client’s direction and managed by them.
This model allows clients to ramp up team with resources provided by vendor company. The model allows for flexibility in scaling up / scaling down teams based on requirement and also keeps helps cut costs associated with full-time hiring of employees.

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